Here I've selected plants for the beginner, including those which if you're here looking for something specific, are probably the ones you're looking for. Here you'll find the Venus Fly Trap, an easy to grow Sundew, and the Yellow Pitcher Plant. Have a look at the growing guides for more details on how to succeed with these incredible plants, and remember, many of these are temperate and have a dormant season over the winter months, so plants ordered during that time won't necessarily look as they do in the images. The guides can be found under the tab above.
Picture of Dionaea Muscipula - The Venus Fly Trap
Keep wet and in full sun in summer, damp and cold in winter for dormancy

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Picture of Sarracenia flava - The Yellow Pitcher
Divided in to 7 varieties, this plant can attain 3 feet in height. The typical form has stocky pitchers with a small amount of red veining in the throat. Varieties include red tubed, copper lidded, all red, all green, and heavily veined. Lovely long petalled yellow flowers with a somewhat feline odour! Hardy.

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Picture of Drosera capensis
A showy South African species which forms strap shaped leaves, half the length of which are covered in sticky tentacles. DIFFERENT FORMS AVAILABLE.

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Picture of Collection 1
A selection of 3 plants plus our growing guide


Picture of Collection 2
A selection of 5 carnivorous plants plus our growing guide


Picture of Collection 3
A selection of 8 Sararacenia Pitcher Plants plus our growing guide


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